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FINE LUMENS | MOMO Reading Desk Lamp | Adjustable & Rechargeable | Tangerine

FINE LUMENS | MOMO Reading Desk Lamp | Adjustable & Rechargeable | Tangerine

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Description: Elegant Lighting Solutions from Fine Lumens, MOMO series collection lamps. Take your reading experience to new heights with our Portable Reading Lamp. Designed for on-the-go bookworms, it provides a cozy and adjustable lighting solution wherever you are. Enjoy your favorite books with ease and comfort.

Reasons to buy: Portable, Cozy reading experience, Adjustable lighting, On-the-go convenience, Easy to use.

Ideal for use in: Reading on the go, Traveling with your favorite books, Creating a cozy reading nook anywhere, Providing adjustable lighting for different reading environments, Enjoying reading with comfort and ease.

Materials: ABS+PC

Light source: LED Strip

Power: 5W

Color temperature: 4000k

Size: 350 x 107 x 121mm

Quality: 100% Guarantee

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